Wifi KeyBoard: Control Your Android Phone from PC

Often times, I came across Android apps which emulated another environment. aDoxBox for android and the NES Emulator are such famous apps. It is fun using them to do a load of things. You can install older versions of Windows u...
by chinmoy


Report: Google tablet on the way

For all you iPad fanboys or haters out there, The New York Times is reporting a Google tablet that uses Android is imminent. Via Wired: Google is almost ready to start selling its own tablet. The device, according to the New Yo...
by Brian Duggan


Ubuntu Connection: From Rhythmbox to your Android Device

Make some minor adjustments to your Android device, and it’ll work brilliantly with Ubuntu Linux’s default music manager, Rhythmbox… With your Android mounted in Ubuntu, use your favorite text editor to create a hidde...
by Brian Johnson



OMFG: Doodle Jump on Android Market

OK, so Lima Sky finally announced yesterday via Twitter that the most addictive game on the iPhone app market EVER, Doodle Jump, is now on the Android Market, but with one problem: it’s $3.99 — up from $.99 for the iPod...
by Brian Duggan

Droid World

Free to attend developer event Droid World heads to tech capital, San Francisco this February

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Just saying: Android voice control > Apple’s

It’s always nice to have an iPhone owner salivating over your Android phone. I got to experience that today when having a conversation with a buddy of mine who owns an iPhone. We got to talking about the voice control on ...
by Brian Duggan