The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure is my latest addiction

You can always tell the best games, because you won’t be able to stop playing them. A few days ago, I discovered Amazon’s Free App of the Day, and it was The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure. I download it...
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Hands-on with the Amazon Kindle Fire

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me, as my Amazon Kindle Fire came. The image to the left is what it looks like when I opened the oddly-shaped box. Just to let you know, it didn’t come with much. It was the unit itself,...
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Better Web browsing for the Android device

For those who use the Android device for web browsing, I have some good news. The first is that Firefox has been optimized for Android tablets. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite perfect. There will be bugs, and there will be ...
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Top 5 Torrent applications for Android

I have been hearing the word “BitTorrent” thrown around a while. You ever one of those buzzwords that you probably should know the meaning of, but are afraid to ask? Fortunately, I found this video here that explain...
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Droid World

Free to attend developer event Droid World heads to tech capital, San Francisco this February

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Free Android Developer Workshops at #AppsWorld, Moscone Center, San Francisco

The free-to-attend Android developer event at Apps World North America on February 7-8 in San Francisco is all set to feature various leading Android developers, authors, evangelists and operators divulging their expertise on a...
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