May 16, 2013

Amazon Coins – Everything you need to know about the new Kindle Currency

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Amazon Coins for Apps and Games

Amazon Coins – Everything you need to know about the new Kindle Currency

In an effort to make it even easier for people to jump into the Amazon ecosystem and purchase more and more products – even though money is tight and the economy shows very few signs of turning around –, Amazon has created Amazon Coins.

Essentially a virtual currency that will only apply to purchases in the Amazon environment – currency that you can use on Kindle books, Kindle magazines, Amazon videos, Android apps, and a whole host of other options for pretty slick content – the best part of the new Amazon currency is that it will (at least initially) be rewarded completely and totally free of charge.

Yes, you’ll be able to enjoy free Amazon coins that will be distributed directly from Amazon themselves. Though the specific criteria for knowing exactly who will be rewarded with free Amazon coins, what you can do to earn more Amazon coins,

Amazon Coins for Apps and Games

Amazon Coins for Apps and Games

and other details of that nature are still a little bit murky (and will be until May when the system fully rolls out), this is an exciting and interesting development that could change the way people use their Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s tight integration with Kindle Fire and Android apps is going to power the Kindle Currency system

We all know that the Kindle Fire is one of the very best tablets out there on the market right now, Android or otherwise. But what really makes it a game changer has almost nothing to do with the hardware (though it is absolutely world-class in that respect as well) but rather the ridiculously tight and built-in integration of the Amazon ecosystem.

The only Android tablet that has access to Amazon prime content with just a few taps of the screen – as well as powerful Kindle apps and other Amazon specific goodies – the Kindle Fire is going to really drive the movement towards free Amazon coins.

Each of the free Amazon coins will count exactly as a real-life penny would

Android apps developers have nothing to worry about when it comes to users purchasing their programs, games, or tools with free Amazon coins – they will be treated exactly like real-life pennies. This means that if your app sells for $2.99 it will take 299 free Amazon coins to make up the difference, and Amazon will continue to pay you your commission in cold hard cash.

This is really an effort to create more and more customers using the Kindle Fire and the Amazon ecosystem, helping people who would otherwise not be able to invest in the kind of content that they looking for do so relatively easily.

Amazon coins for developers

Amazon coins for developers

Depending upon exactly how the free Amazon coins system is designed – whether Amazon themselves will be the only provider of free Amazon coins or if developers were other content providers will be able to reward people with them as well is still yet to be determined – this can be a fundamental shift in the way people sell their things through Amazon.

Android apps are going to be the most impacted with the free Amazon coins movement, simply because they make up such a significant amount of the purchases on the Kindle Fire. But with all of the failsafes already in place – as well as the guarantee that you’re never going to have to worry about losing any sales should a person purchase your Android apps with Amazon coins rather than real money – this is a new and exciting revenue stream that a lot of people are tremendously excited about.

Obviously, you’ll want to pay close attention to the new developments that should be rolling out before the system is implemented in May, but all signs point to this being a new and exciting system for everyone involved.


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