August 6, 2010

Android is much more than just Cellphones

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Yes. It is true. Android products are spreading though the gadget world like an epidemic and it does not just stop at cellphones. Android already has a Tablet in place, it is being used in cars to run GPS devices and recently, NASA tested Android based Nexus One as a possible candidate for replacing satellites.


Here are three new Android based devices via PCWorld that are not the conventional cellphones.

Android TV

Also dubbed as the Google TV, this box based on Android is actually a set top box with Android running on the embedded system. The tight integration Android provides with its devices with unmatched online capabilities. This is something to watch out for in future. Android TV can add a new degree to TV viewing. Like cellphones, the Android TV will have its own apps in the market.

Android Landlines

Android-based cellphones are just not enough. So, some geniuses thought of letting them in and giving them a permanent place on your table. Here it is. The Android based landline. Make a call, use Google Grand Central and surf the Internet at the same time. Best of all, it comes with no string attached, literally.

Android appliances, from the Kitchen to laundry

Android has been seen on a variety of home appliances from Microwave to dryers and washer. What next? We can have Android powered refrigerators that can tweet out temperature levels. Not only that, Android powered home automation systems have already been developed and will be launched commercially.

Android fanboys will be on a shopping spree after reading this.

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