March 4, 2010

Android: Kicking a$$ since 2007

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Written by: Brian Duggan
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Just a quick gloating post: the HTC Hero and HTC Droid Eris took top honors in the 2010 Reader Choice Award on About.com, with the Hero claiming “Best Smartphone” honors, beating out the iPhone 3GS by more than 70 points.

The Droid Eris took the top nod for best “Budget Smartphone.”

And now, this:

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A business reporter in Carson City, Nev., which is near Reno. Verizon user and droid freak.


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  1. While I agree that the Hero is a pretty awesome phone, I think that it has quite a few flaws–unrelated to not having Android 2.1.

    The hardware lacks much speed, speed that could make up for 90% of the issues I have with mine. But also when using a terminal emulator or ssh client, not having a proper | (pipe) key completely cripples the experience.

    Insert the obligatory “Where’s my Android 2.1, Sprint?” comment here.

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