April 5, 2012

At last, Instagram has come to Android!


Many iOS users have got a real kick out of Instagram, an application that is part photo-sharing, part social networking, and all around fun. The ease of use has made Instagram one of the most popular applications on the iPhone platform.

For two years, iPhone users have been snapping pics and then using special filters on them to make them look retro. From here, it is easy to share on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

At long last, it has come to Android! Yes, no longer will just those iPhone and iPad users be able to dominate Instagram anymore. In fact, Instagram for Android experienced over one million downloads since its initial introduction to Android.

Honestly, the moment that I heard that it was available, I downloaded it right away. I actually had trouble finding it on the Google Play market from my mobile phone, and had to go to the Google Play site on my computer and download it with my phone attached via USB. I’m not certain why I had to do it that way, but I checked my mobile phone, and it is available there. By the way, I just checked the Kindle Fire, and it isn’t there (not surprising, as the Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera).

Apparently, there have been a lot of iOS users that are somewhat ticked that Instagram is on Android. This has become a kind of tweet-war where certain iPhone users have been outraged at the thought of “Android is ruining our Instagram club“.

Some would say that iPhones and iPads are more expensive mobile devices, so that this Instagram enmity by iPhone users is classist. After all, Android devices are getting cheaper by the day, and so this crowd who might not be able to enjoy an iOS device can inexpensively use an Android version of the same application.

This is one of those times where I really would like to chime in my “Oh, get over yourself” comments. Any application that wants to make money has to be on both iPhone and Android platforms.

I am just getting started on using Instagram, and I, and many others, simply want a program that can bring joy to others. Instagram is that, and it has created its own culture of photo sharing. I say “power to the people” as this application is getting some Android love. Why do you think I have been sharing my favorite Instagram pictures from my wife.

If you want to start it, get it right here for free.

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