April 13, 2012

Top 5 Torrent applications for Android


I have been hearing the word “BitTorrent” thrown around a while. You ever one of those buzzwords that you probably should know the meaning of, but are afraid to ask? Fortunately, I found this video here that explains it to me in simple English.

Apparently, if you try and download a video while so many other people are, you are probably not going to get it. In some cases, the server can crash. However, torrent files seem to thrive on people constantly downloading it. It works by “making each downloader a source. This way, they get pieces of the file and also provide pieces of the file to teach other”. This makes a network of multiple sources, all working together. You should just watch the video so you can learn about trackers and peers and other interesting things that you may not have cared about previously.

You can easily do a search on torrent files, and you will find many, believe me. I just did a search right now, and I am finding movies that I should probably pay to rent, but I can download. I don’t think I can recommend this practice if it is not entirely legal.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Torrent files that you can get for your Android device. They are in no particular order, but perceive this as a “Top Five” list anyway.

uTorrent Remote: I guess it is only fitting that we start with this, as it does seem to be endorsed by BitTorrent themselves. With it, you transfer, save, and play any completed Torrent file from a PC to an Android phone.

Torrent-fu: This one allows the user the ability to manage torrents and searching for them via keyboard, bar code scan, or from the browser itself. It also allows for creating user download profiles, and can even add, edit, and delete the locations of where you want specific content downloaded to.

Remote Transmission: This one allows you to add a torrent file by URL, and allows pausing and resuming for all files, but not individual files.

Transdroid: This gives complete control over any individual torrent, and that includes pausing, stopping, removing, labeling, throttling, and prioritizing. You can also enter RSS feeds of favorite trackers, then download the content on the go.

EZTVDroid: This is an application from EZTV, which allows torrent files from uTorrent or Transmission BitTorrent running on the PC. Clicking on “Send to uTorrent” EZTVDroid app automatically queues the torrent file that you want. Of course, it has the option of start, pause, stop, and force start, and you can even share torrent links with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter.

I’m sure this is not all the Torrent applications that you can find for Android, so leave a comment if you know of more. In the meantime, enjoy Torrent hunting.


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