August 30, 2010

Bing Apps come to Verizon Wireless Exclusively

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Written by: chinmoy

Bing apps is an excellent Android app for a full featured Bing search. However, Microsoft has provided Verizon wireless users exclusive right to use this new app. The app can be downloaded only on the Verizon network and the homepage of the app looks completely like the Bing search homepage with the wallpaper.

The features on offer are similar to the ones on the desktop and it includes swipe to navigate and infinite scrolling. The app also offers voice search and this is good for local business listings. Voice search has been used extensively recently and it has become extremely popular.

Google is trying to set feet on a market dominated by Google and they surely have a strong plan to make this work. This, will expectedly make the Bing app on Android a top notch smooth and polished MS product.

Bing’s Andy Chu says,

First, Bing will automatically find your current location. You can then easily discover new places by category such as restaurants, banks, theaters and you can choose whether you want walking or driving directions. Swipe through each step of your directions, and check out how fast the map pans and zooms.  For times when you only have one hand free and can’t pinch, there is the handy zoom-out button.


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