October 12, 2011

BlueStacks lets you play Android apps on Windows

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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When it comes to apps, there are just way too many platforms out there. This blog is on Android, and then there are the iOS and Windows apps. Isn’t there a way to play all of them on one place?

Probably not, if tech companies want some healthy competition. However, there is a company known as BlueStacks that it has an App Player that allows its users to run Android applications on Windows PCs, tablets, or desktops.

If you want to try it out, you can download its alpha version, and it will come pre-loaded with ten applications. It can support an extra 26 apps on top of that, but some applications like the popular Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds cannot be downloaded.

You can also get BlueStacks free Cloud Connect application which allows users to port third-party applications directly from their handsets to their computers.

So, if you want to check this out for yourself, click here and give it a shot. You might as well be getting in on the future. Now, if only you could play some iOS applications on your Android device. Hey, this could be.

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