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Moosejaw’s catalog comes with an App that gives users X-ray vision

With the holidays coming, it won’t be long before catalogs from all types of store will be arriving at your door. Some of you might not have heard of Moosejaw, as they make some quality winter goods. The company is planni...
by Techno_Mark


OMFG: Doodle Jump on Android Market

OK, so Lima Sky finally announced yesterday via Twitter that the most addictive game on the iPhone app market EVER, Doodle Jump, is now on the Android Market, but with one problem: it’s $3.99 — up from $.99 for the iPod...
by Brian Duggan



iSketcher comes to Android

The image that you see to the left is not drawn with a pencil on paper, but a digital drawing on iSketcher. What is iSketcher, think of it as a drawing pad for an Android device, and it really is as close to as pencil on an And...
by Techno_Mark

Droid World

Marvel Comics comes to Android

Comic book readers on Android aren’t anything new, I have one from Comixology that I use to download…free ones. Yeah, I’m not willing to shell out any money for any comic that I can’t put in a plastic ba...
by Techno_Mark



Paper Toss vs Toss It, a toss up

The paperless office is still a no-show, but paperless trashcan basketball is one tree-saving idea for bored students and office workers whose day has finally arrived… Two popular iPhone games, Paper Toss and Toss It, wer...
by Brian Johnson


Turn your Droid into a flashlight

At one time or another, most of us have used an iPod or a cellphone to light our way in the dark. While it’s true that an ever-growing number of third-party apps translates into an Android-based solution for almost every ...
by Brian Johnson


Grab RunKeeper Pro Worth $10 For Free and Stay Fit and Healthy

  If you have an Android master piece in your hands and your New Year’s resolution is to stay fit and lose some weight, there’s good news. The popular fitness app, RunKeeper Pro (worth $10), is now free for a month...
by Ashish Mundhra