November 7, 2011

Control phone through vocal commands with Jeannie

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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Considering that Siri has the potential to change everything when it comes to vocally interface with a mobile phone, it is no wonder why a lot of Android apps want to get in on this action. We already covered Iris (Siri spelled backwards) and now there is Jeannie, as in “I Dream Of”.

Jeannie advertises that it can be like your Barbara Eden Jeannie, and you can be the Larry Hagman Master, without the “blink” sound. For example, it can set alarms and reminders, send text messages, email, voice dial contacts, not to mention searching images, videos, apps, news, and facts. You can also control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or volume via voice, and other features.

If you want to ask for simple things like country capitals, it is as simple as a question. I am not certain what you will get for an answer, but you can try it out for yourself. Jeannie is available on the Android Market for free now. You might want to read up on the description for more examples of what we can do.

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