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Samsung Galaxy S II phone

Samsung hosted a press event in New York City to show off the Galaxy S II smartphone, to be carried by AT&T. This 4G phone essentially mirrors the design of the first Galaxy S, and it has a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos processo...
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Tetris comes to Android for free, thanks to EA

I’m sure that the game Tetris needs no introduction. The game is a classic as the player uses strange bricks to fill in walls. I’m sure that all of you know the frustration of not being able to find the right piece ...
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SwiftKey X is worth the cost for better texting

SwiftKey is describe in its own words as “the next-generation AI keyboard”. I got a chance to try it out this weekend, and I believe it is worthy of this title. SwiftKey X is based on a new version of TouchType̵...
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Figure 1-10

Beginning Programming for Android: Downloading the Development Kits

Last week, I discussed how to obtain a screenshot from an Android device. Today, I want to discuss something really important, and it is about possibly making Android application of your very own. That’s right, you could ...
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Dragon Fly, a simple game for Android

There seems to be a lot games circulating on mobile platforms that are similar. In addition to the truckloads of Angry Birds imitators, the Dragon Fly came, now come to Android, seems to be an imitation of a popular iOS game kn...
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