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Samsung Galaxy S II phone

Samsung hosted a press event in New York City to show off the Galaxy S II smartphone, to be carried by AT&T. This 4G phone essentially mirrors the design of the first Galaxy S, and it has a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos processo...
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Go Launcher EX for Android smartphones

Once again, my wife found an application that is very helpful, especially for my Android device’s home screen. Go Launcher EX turns my home screen into something easy to navigate. Instead of doing a long scroll to find th...
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Figure 1-10

Beginning Programming for Android: Downloading the Development Kits

Last week, I discussed how to obtain a screenshot from an Android device. Today, I want to discuss something really important, and it is about possibly making Android application of your very own. That’s right, you could ...
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From Froyo to Gingerbread on the Droid X

Android users know that the latest version of it is Ice Cream, but that has yet to be seen. If you have one of the newer tablets, like the Xoom, you are fortunate enough to have Honeycomb (version 3.0). At the time I bought my ...
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“Burn the Rope” is on fire on Android

At first I thought that Burn The Rope was just a rip-off of Cut the Rope, a very popular mobile game. As it turns out, Burn the Rope is its own entity, and it is quite a cool game. As the title implies, the purpose is to burn r...
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