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Jeff Bezos unveils the Kindle Fire Android tablet

There has been a lot of speculation that Amazon was going to do something big with Android. Perhaps this is why they have their own App store devoted to Android apps. Apparently, all that speculation was correct as Jeff Bezos a...
by Techno_Mark

Figure 12-4

The Default files of Eclipse Package Explorer

Last week, we discussed how to set up a new program on Android with the Eclipse IDE. When you look at the Package Explorer, you will see that Eclipse has automatically generated files. Let’s go through them one at a time....
by Techno_Mark

Figure 12-3

Starting a New Program in Android on Eclipse

Last week, we discussed downloading programs like Eclipse in order to create Android programs. Today, I’ll discuss how to get started on your first Android program. If you open up the Eclipse Workbench, you will see a scr...
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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is worth solving

I have always liked puzzle-style games like Myst and other point-and-click Role Playing Games. I am pleased that G5 games has come out with The Mystery of the Crystal Portal for Android. Crystal Portal reminds me of the Nancy D...
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Google + adds Hangouts on the Android Market

With the excitement of the Android-powered Amazon Kindle Fire yesterday, I almost forgot about the whole Google+ attempt at usurping Facebook as the number one social network. If you want, you can go to the Android Market right...
by Techno_Mark