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Samsung Wave 3 smartphone

Right now, Samsung has been making a killing with Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphones, like the one that had the really cool ad. The company has recently announced the Wave 3 smartphone, and it has a 1.4 GHz processor, along with HSP...
by Techno_Mark


Fruit Ninja:Puss in Boots comes to Android

This might be considered bad marketing, but Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, did not arrive on Android when the film hit the theaters. Someone definitely missed the marketing on the Android front, but in defense of the game, it was ...
by Techno_Mark


Price Check by Amazon could save you a bundle this holiday season

In case you didn’t complete your holiday shopping with all the other mad shoppers on Black Friday, there is an application by Amazon for Android to make certain that you get the best deal you can. Price Check allows you t...
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New ad for Samsung Galaxy S II phone shows exactly why I am an Android user

I thought that anyone who is currently waiting in line for a Black Friday deal might enjoy this advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II phone. You can watch the advertisement to see people in line for the latest version of th...
by Techno_Mark


Tiny Tower game comes to Android

Tiny Tower is made for those who love world creation games, but it isn’t made for relaxation. For in this game, you have to play a landlord as you make a tiny tower and manage of the business of the bitizens that inhabit ...
by Techno_Mark