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iOnRoad Augmented Driving to make safer drivers

The other day, we reported on an augmented reality app for Moosejaw’s catalog. Now is the iOnRoad uses image recognition for help behind the wheel. The iOnRoad uses the Android’s built-in camera, along with GPS and ...
by Techno_Mark


New ad for Samsung Galaxy S II phone shows exactly why I am an Android user

I thought that anyone who is currently waiting in line for a Black Friday deal might enjoy this advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II phone. You can watch the advertisement to see people in line for the latest version of th...
by Techno_Mark


WidgetLocker Lockscreen App customizes the Android lockscreen

If you use an Android device for a while, you are familiar with the lockscreen always coming on when you don’t want to. This is why WidgetLocker Lockscreen was probably invented. It allows the user to be control the look,...
by Techno_Mark



T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus from Samsung

It seems to be a good holiday season for Android tablets, with Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet, not to mention the very low-priced Amazon Kindle Fire. T-Mobile is now bringing in some more Android tablet love with the Sams...
by Techno_Mark


HTC’s Rezound comes to Verizon

We have been seeing a lot of great Android phones lately like the Galaxy S II Skyrocket from AT&T, the Samsung Transform Ultra from Sprint, the new Motorola RAZR, and the Samsung Stratosphere from Verizon. HTC’s Rezou...
by Techno_Mark