August 23, 2011

Death Worm comes to Android

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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If you haven’t heard of Death Worm, then you should know that it has had 2,000,000 downloads on the iOS platform. It has recently come to Android, and it is most welcome.

If you aren’t familiar with Death Worm, then perhaps you are familiar with the Kevin Bacon movie Tremors. The film featured a small town in the middle of the desert that was ravaged by graboids, giant worms that ate cars, people, and destroyed everything in the way.

Death Worm gives the user the opportunity to play a graboid-like creature, and you can destroy people, cars, and destroy other things.

I tried out the game just for this review, and I found it hard to stop playing. The game is easy at the first few levels where you are just randomly eating tigers, camels, people, and cars that explode beautifully. Eventually, the game won’t let you advance to the next level unless you eat a few more objects without taking any damage.

It is harder than it sounds, and so are the controls. The game is all about coming up from the ground to strike, which is pretty difficult with the touchscreen controller.

All in all, it is worth it. You should be able to get Death Worm Free here on the Android Market, and the paid edition is $2.99 here.

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