August 25, 2011

Dragon Fly, a simple game for Android

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Written by: Techno_Mark

There seems to be a lot games circulating on mobile platforms that are similar. In addition to the truckloads of Angry Birds imitators, the Dragon Fly came, now come to Android, seems to be an imitation of a popular iOS game known as Tiny Wings.

Both have the same concept, you are a creature that wants to flee the nest. Though you cannot fly, you can go high, if the momentum is right.

The game is all about touching the screen to gain some weight while you fall, and then using the downhill grades as big jumps. It is a lot harder than it sounds.

In fact, the player is rewarded for “swooshes” which is essentially when the player leaps over a tiny valley. You get rewards for doing three in a row, but I couldn’t quite do it.

The goal of the game is to try to keep away from the dragon mum, who wants you back at the nest. If the dragon mum gets you, the game is over.

The game runs pretty smoothly, which is important for a mobile game. You can get it for free here on the Android Market.

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