October 6, 2011

Eternity Warriors comes to Android

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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Some Android gamers might be familiar with Glu Mobile, as they make a very popular shooter game known as Gun Brothers. The game is a fun shooter that reminds me of arcade shooters, and the user can upgrade their weapons for the right price.

Glu Mobile has now entered the fantasy realm with a game known as Eternity Warriors. In the description, it describes that demons have overrun and transformed the once vibrant land of Northern Udar into “a cesspool of danger and evil”. The only thing that stands in their way are the titular Eternity Warriors.

The user can then go into a 3D fantasy world full of melee action with the sword, including heavy and light attacks. Also included in this world are axes, power-ups, and armors for all sorts of fighting fun. This isn’t just a solo game as the user can play alongside friends on Facebook as well as OpenFeint.

The game allows you to earn arena medals that can be exchanged for weapons and armor, and the game itself is free. You can purchase it here on the Android Market.

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