September 20, 2011

Find some ghostly objects with Paranormal Agency

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Written by: Techno_Mark

A while ago, I reported on the Mystery of the Crystal Portal, and today, I would like to discuss another game from G5 that is quite similar known as Paranormal Agency.

In Paranormal Agency, the user plays as a detective named Heather Mills, who is some sort of psychic or something that has the ability to see ghosts. She can also detect the supernatural around certain objects, and she goes to peoples’ homes and finds the ones that create their poltergeist problem.

There are over 50 levels of challenge, and it is all about finding five different types of hidden objects. From what I played, I had to find certain objects within an allotted time. Sometimes I was shown the silhouettes of the objects to be found, and other times I was just given a description of “find all the light sources”.

I suppose the game could be described as an ISpy or Where’s Waldo type of gameplay. I will admit that Paranormal Agency is a fun way of passing the time, and you should check it out.

It is available on the Android Market here for free.

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