June 1, 2012

Flipboard coming to Android, Evernote Hello is already here


A few weeks ago, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced, one of its features would be Flipboard. Flipboard is quite a cool iOS application, so seeing it on an Android phone is very cool.

It would be like seeing Facebook’s new photo application on Android. Yes, I am still burned up about that “decision”. Flipboard isn’t a photo-app like Instagram, but it is able to collect the content of social media and other websites and is able to present it in a magazine format to allow users to “flip” through social networking feeds as well as feeds partnered with Flipboard.

I believe that Flipboard was given a chance to start out on the Galaxy III to be a start phase for Flipboard being available just about everywhere. I thought that this was going to be a slow turnout on Android, and I am sort of right. The APK for Flipboard is available now, and the beta version is available soon.

How soon? I’m not certain. However, if you go to XDA forums, you can download a “leaked version”. Also, Flipboard has its share of imitators on Android such as the FlipSocial Beta, which is good for browsing Twitter, Facebook, and other custom RSS, but not Google Reader, sorry to say. You can get that here if you like.

And now it is the time to talk about the coolness of these Flipboard applications. It is truly a sign that we are deep in an information age when we need something like flipboard in order to keep track of all the feeds that we are following.

Is this what we have to do to stay “in the know”. Yeah, it most certainly is.

On a related note, another popular application for iOS has come to Android with Evernote Hello. For those who don’t know about Evernote Hello, it is an application to help you remember people that you have met for the first time.

The application allows you to see faces of everyone you have met in a “mosaic format”, and you can see a history of all the encounters you have had with individuals. It can also be tied into LinkedIn for “fast, rich, profiles”.

Bringing in people to Evernote Hello is simple as you can create a quick profile to snap their photo, pull information from your address book, and allow others to enter their contact information.

Go on and get Evernote Hello here, but you will have to wait for Flipboard.

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