September 5, 2011

Fluffy Birds on Android


Even though the game Fluffy Birds has avian creatures in its name, do not assume that it is a knock-off of Angry Birds. I have been seeing a lot of imitators of Rovio’s cash cow, but Fluffy Birds is more of an imitation of Bejeweled, if a comparison must be made.

In Fluffy Birds, the player is given a grid of birds of many colors. The rows and columns of birds must be shifted around to form groups of three in a line or in an L-formation.

In order to advance to different levels, you have to find certain colors of birds. The game will then give you a gold egg, and then you need to match three golden eggs to move on.

In short, Fluffy Birds is puzzle game that is good for killing time. I will have to admire the animation of the birds, as their eyes actually move when you move them. It has 3 different game modes of Casual, Relaxation, and Puzzle in 20 different mind-bending puzzles.

You can get Fluffy Birds FREE here on the Android Market, and the Fluffy Birds Deluxe here so you can play it without ads.

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