July 25, 2010

Gingerbread will Not Shed away Other UI Enhancements

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HTC and its users have been constantly worried because of the fact that Gingerbread is coming with a superb user interface which will probably make other user interface enhancements developed by handset manufacturers useless. This includes the remarkable sense UI of HTC, the custom UI of Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and others.


However, Forbes recently interviewed the design lead of HTC David Bamford, who has assured users by saying,

Google, too, has indicated that it wants to make the next (3.0) version of Android more polished and user friendly. Industry observers have speculated that manufacturers like HTC will make fewer alterations on their Android phones as a result. Bamford, however, says he doesn’t expect Google’s tweaks, which are scheduled to debut before the end of the year, to affect his work. “Google may focus more on improving the user interface on the stock Android [software], but I don’t think they’ll preclude manufacturer customization.

HTC has allowed users to turn off Sense as well if we do not need it. However,Sense being the best UI around, HTC users are quite satisfied with it and love Sense too much to turn it off.

(Via: Droid Life)

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