March 10, 2010

Google Maps adds biking layer, next stop Android phones? (Updated)

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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A look at bike routes around downtown Denver.

UPDATE, May 12th, 2010: Google has released an updated version of Google Maps for Android. Among other new features, this update includes a “Bicycling” layer for US users. After downloading the update — which required several attempts on my Motorola Droid via 3G connection — you can access this new layer by entering Google Maps, pressing the Menu button, then choosing Layers => More Layers. You can also access the Bicycling layer in your Android device’s navigation area.


The internet is abuzz today with news that Google has just released a new layer for viewing bicycle routes on the U.S. version of its Google Maps service.

Computer users can find bike trails and bike-friendly roadways, but this new feature is not yet available on mobile phones. Blogging for the Washington Post, Rob Pegoraro quotes Google’s Shannon Guymon as saying Google will update its map apps for Android devices and iPhone “soon”. In the meantime, use the YouTube video below and this quick introduction from The Official Google Blog to learn more…

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