April 28, 2013

Has Amazon opened itself up to a hostile takeover when it comes to Android apps?

Android apps market war

When Google first jumped into the mobile computing space with their Android operating system, many saw it as the biggest disruption to hit the cellular world in its history. Now, more and more phones and companies would be able to tap into this amazingly friendly and powerfully usable operating system completely free of charge (after all, Android is an open source operating system) – creating an ecosystem that could compete with, and eventually overtake, the iTunes marketplace.

However, one of the unintended consequences of opening this up to everyone and anyone – basically giving them free reign to do whatever they like with the Android operating system – is the fact that many people took more liberties with this system than originally anticipated. While the Kindle Fire technically uses the Android operating system, their forked version is specifically built for ridiculously tight Amazon integration.

And now, with Amazon talking about starting their own App Store (to be announced!) using Android as a backbone the Android app market war is only going to start heating up even faster.

Amazon continues to innovate, and the next step is to their very own Amazon App Store and a new virtual currency, the Amazon Coins

Just looking at a Kindle Fire shows you exactly how far Amazon has already gone in creating a complete and total Amazon takeover of the original Android environment, and things are only going to get more intense with the unveiling of their new Amazon Appstore for Android. Promising to all but eliminate Google Play (the major Android app Store right now) and allow more alternative Android app stores – especially their own – the Android app market war is going to get intense.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet

Facebook Home is also going to add new intrigue into the mix with their very own alternative Android app stores

While right now it’s just an app that is yet to be released, Facebook Home is poised to completely change the way that many of us use our android cell phones. Dominating the default Android home screen and turning it into a Facebook centric system, people are going to get fantastic integration with their social circles but it also starts to cut Google out of the platform that they developed in the first place. While Facebook home is certainly not designed to be one of the alternative Android app stores on the surface, it definitely has the capability to cut out Google Play and add integrations for any alternative Android App stores that they want. And they’ll probably get ridiculous retention simply because Facebook Home will become just another part of their phone.

Yandex also adds some serious intrigue to the Android app market war

Though Yandex is right now just dominating Russian speaking nations, the fact is that they have been able to hold off Google from completely and totally dominating them in ways that many small companies never have been able to before. Offering their own version and spin on alternative Android app stores – once designed with incredibly slick and intuitive interfaces that are also 100% 3-D – it’s easy to see this system become more and more popular all over the globe.

Early indications point to the fact that Yandex is continuing to perfect and polish their system inside of Russian speaking countries, but they are poised to break out at any time they want. Whether or not they’ll really be able to influence the Android app market war or if they will fall to the wayside as so many other alternative Android app stores have in the past is yet to be seen, but absolutely warrants paying attention to in the near future.

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  1. Brad

    The big battle between big G and Amazon is about to come in the next few years, in my opinion too. The mobile market is a fiercely competitive market and averybody wants a bigger piece of cake. Let’s see.

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