February 23, 2010

Hello (droid) world

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Written by: Brian Duggan

So I’ve been mulling buying a Droid Eris for months now, and on Monday, I finally decided to go through with it and bought one. A day later, there’s not even a tinge of buyers regret.

Obviously I’m a Verizon customer and after Steve Jobs didn’t mention “iPhone” and “Can You Hear Me Know” in the same breath earlier this year, I figured my hopes for ever owning Apple’s God phone was never going to happen. (Why? F-AT&T).

So now, with months (OK, years) spent reading tech blogs and writing professionally for newspapers (I cover business in Northern Nevada, and no, paper isn’t going away anytime soon) I’ll be among our new posse of bloggers at Android Edge talking about everything, well, Droid.

So send tips, comments, photos, story ideas, questions our way and we’ll keep you informed on news about apps, Droid OS, phones and more.

Fodder for the night: “Android is Doomed to Self Destruct” – PC World

About the Author

Brian Duggan
A business reporter in Carson City, Nev., which is near Reno. Verizon user and droid freak.


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