August 8, 2011

How ComiXology is changing comics as we know it.

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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I must admit, it has been over two decades since I have purchased a comic book, but if I was still collecting, I might consider going with apps like ComiXology.

ComiXology allows the user to download comic books directly to their Android mobile device. It has an shop where the user can purchase them, and several issues are free. The user can search by Series, Genre, Creator, Publisher, and Most Popular.

There are a lot of publishers represented here, but I see very little Marvel Comics on the app that I have on my Droid X. I will say that the way the comics are read is odd. It requires the user to do finger swipes to go to the next panel, and it tends to focus on certain places that seem odd to me. For example, the splash page of a certain comic is usually an entire page of artwork, but the captions or dialogue are too small to read. Finger swiping allows the user to get close-ups, and these digital comics allow their creators to make certain that your eyes focus on that which needs to be read first. That is something that traditional comics had a hard time doing.

If you want to geek out on this, feel free to head to the Android Market here and download ComiXology yourself. The App is free, but certain comics will cost you.

I honestly don’t think that avid collectors will use this application, because many of them want the traditional comic to hold in their hand, not on an Android device. Still, for someone who might be interested in comics for the stories, ComiXology is changing things.

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