May 31, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible Rooted Before Shipment

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Written by: chinmoy
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HTC Droid Incredible shipments have been delayed by a few days but people are not worried by that.  The news that is the Droid Incredible has been successfully rooted and hackers have a whole lot of work piled up on their todo lists.

Jake Day from the XDA forum has gained root access to another Android phone from HTC and it is only time before they release a cooked up custom ROM. No update on the method has been posted yet but the hack is for sure.

This news can mean a whole lot of improvements like a better battery life and improved interface changes. Though, it could also be a bit disappointing like in the case of HTC Legend which could not even give a write access to the device. Either way, here is an image to clear things up.


You can follow this thread at the XDA forum to follow this news and get the steps to this root which may be uploaded soon.

Now, it is only a matter of time before the shipments start arriving and people try out this root and give their feedback. One funny thing here is how easily Android devices from HTC are rooted whereas other manufacturers like Sony Ericsson has made it so incredibly hard to root its Xperia X10.

Rooting a device is the highest level of hack one can perform on the device. Droid Incredible will see more cool stuff now that it is open to superuser access.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal is a tech blogger with a deep insight and love for FOSS. He writes at techie-buzz.com and lostintechnology.com. He owns an HTC Legend as his first Android device and at Androidedge, he will explore the endless possibilities of the Android OS. Drop him a mail at chinmmoy@techarraz.com and follow him on Twitter at @ckandroid.


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