April 26, 2012

iHome introduces 3 new docks for Android Smartphones


I always like seeing what iHome has to offer, and I am usually trying out the latest in iPod/iPhone docking technology. For some reason, Android phones have never got the proper docking love, until now.

All I have to say to iHome is: it’s about time. iHome now has three new Android smartphone docks with the iC50, iC3, and the iC16.

I will start with the iC50 that you see in the picture here to the immediate left. This one was recently sent to me, so I got to try it out for myself. I’m probably going to use it as a touchstone for the other Android smartphone docks.

Most iPod/iPhone docks have a very convenient plug for inserting in your iDevice. Sadly, Android devices don’t have a tech standard like that. You will have to use these included cables to plug in your phone. There is a trademarked SmartSlide dock so you can plug the USB to micro USB cable to charge your Android smartphone. There is also a 3.5mm plug for when you want to listen to your tunes on the iC50 speaker.

I have to admit that the speaker wasn’t very loud, but I enjoy that there is an FM radio with digital tuning. I also like that there is a free iHome Sleep app that is available for a free download to wake and sleep to your favorite music and advanced custom alarms.

Now let’s talk about the iC3, a stereo speaker stand that allows you to charge and play your Android smartphone or tablet. I don’t think the iC50 is sufficient enough to hold a large Android tablet.

The iC3 has the USB quick charge port and AC adapter, and it works with the iHome Sleep app as a free download as well. I forgot to mention that you can use a backup battery with the iC50, and the iC3 can use 4 AA batteries for music anywhere.

The last Android-related item is the iC16 Portable Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker with USB Charging for Android Smartphones. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of this gadget, but I am told that is both “compact and light”, and it is a functional and easily transportable alarm clock for all Android smartphone users.

The iC16 should be available sometime in the summer for a price of $59.99. As for the iC3, you can get it here for a price about $39.99. The iC50 is available here for a price of $59.99.

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