June 22, 2012

Instapaper finally arrives on Android, TiVo App comes to Android tablets


Remember how I was whining about how Facebook’s Instagram-like application did not come to Android, but is readily available on iOS? Yeah, I am still upset with that, and I would like to take time to mention some other things that have come to Android that probably should have been on it much earlier.

At least Instagram came to Android, and now Instapaper has come to the popular operating system. For those who are not familiar with Instapaper, it is a handy application that allows you to save websites. You might be thinking: “big deal, any bookmarking service can do that”. Here’s the kicker: Instapaper allows you to view your favorite websites offline.

So if you have an iPod Touch or a WiFi only iPad, then you can still look at websites even when offline. Yes, that certainly is a handy application, and don’t you think it stopped being available exclusively from iOS? Of course, the creator of Instapaper, Marco Arment, decided to contract the Android version of his program to Mobelux, the same developer of Tumblr.

The bad news is that the application doesn’t carry over if you own the application for the iPhone or iPad. I suppose that you could use one of many similar applications such as Pocket, which used to be known as Read It Later.

Okay, so Instagram finally gets onto Android. That is quite a relief. Now, here is another application that has come to Android on tablets. This is for TiVo.

This particular TiVo application will allow the user to search, browse, explore, and even share comments on your favorite TV show or movie. The best part is you can do this on your Android tablet without interrupting what is on your screen.

Also included on the application’s features is a Guide that allows the user to find out what is happening in real-time by date, time, and channel. Then you can make a scheduled recording so you can add shows to Season Pass recordings, or even play a show that is currently broadcasting.

The TiVo application for tablets includes a newly-designed search engine allowing you to search by movie title, to retrieve results from the TV and the web, and allows you to order up the show with the push of a button. You can also call up the Season Pass Manager as well as other remote control options.

Okay, so that is Instapaper for Android and a TiVo app for Android tablets at last. I suppose that I could say: “it’s about time”. I’m sure you have heard about Microsoft Windows 8 and the Surface tablet. I wonder how long it will take apps made popular on iOS to come to Windows 8?

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