March 15, 2010

Is Google Winning the Smartphone War?

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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Palm is dying, or at the very least it’s ripe for a buyout. Microsoft desperately needs a successful launch of its Windows Phone 7 to stop massive hemorrhaging. And, believe it or not, even the positive momentum of Apple’s iPhone appears to be slowing.

By comparison, according to ComScore statistics appearing in Matt Asay’s recent article for CNET and Paul Lilly’s post on HotHardware.com, Google’s Android platform jumped an impressive 4.3 percent in “share of smartphone subscribers” between October 2009 and January 2010. During the same period, Research in Motion took second place with a less impressive 1.7% gain, while Apple’s iPhone was less than 1% growth and Microsoft took a beating of -4.0% to “win” last place.

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Brian Johnson
Robert has nearly 10 years experience as a self-employed technology consultant, though he recently "retired" from consulting to focus on his writing, and has been using a Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless as his primary cellphone since November, 2009.


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