July 6, 2012

LifeWatch V Android based smartphone

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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LifeWatch V

I think that we all know that our Android smartphones and tablets have made our lives better, but I admire this one, the LifeWatch V, that is able to save one’s life. That is, it has some serious features on it that are better than apps, and with a little bit of prevention, the life you save could be your own.

Here is how it works: the phone comes with a series of sensors around the perimeter, and the user performs various health tests like monitor the ECG, stress levels, body fat, heart rate, and temperature. For those that are diabetic, the LifeWatch V also can be used as a blood glucose for monitoring and tracking blood sugar levels. Of course, you will still need blood test strips and the needle, but you can purchase that separately with a zipper covering case.

Granted, we are a long way before devices like the Life Watch V will replace doctors, but there is no reason why devices like these cannot keep us healthier. For example, this contains a medication intake reminder, a pedometer application, and it can plan one’s diet and even log exercise and weight. Also included with this deal is a recommended service plan that includes a call center for advice when an issue arises.

There are three types of service plans that you can see below:

The basic plan enables the applications, and saves health test data. The user determines how to share it safely and securely.

The diet management caters to diet-conscious individuals that enables the operation of the diet apps.

The premium plans have the basic plan and diet plan features, along with 24/7 call center support.

Personally, I see devices like the Life Watch V as the future of mobile phone health. Can you imagine in era where we don’t need to go in for physicals anymore? Where all we need to do is just check our vital signs on our smartphone and send them to our doctor. Granted, we will have to go to the hospital in case of a major emergency, but for simple maintenance, who needs doctor’s visits?

Sadly, the information that I have on this phone doesn’t have a release date or price, on the phone or the different plans. I don’t even know who the carrier is going to be, or what version of Android it will have. However, I am certain that I’ll be hearing more about this phone soon, and will see more like it in the future.


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