November 25, 2011

New ad for Samsung Galaxy S II phone shows exactly why I am an Android user

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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I thought that anyone who is currently waiting in line for a Black Friday deal might enjoy this advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II phone.

You can watch the advertisement to see people in line for the latest version of the iPhone. Of course, this is never said, but it is all implied.

You will notice that the Apple phone people don’t know if their latest device will have 4G, or look any different. You will then notice how easily allured they are by the Galaxy S II phone with a larger screen.

What is really funny is how one lady teases some good advice with saying “why don’t you get a 4G phone”? This makes me want to rush out and buy a 4G phone, as my Droid X is still stuck in 3G.

If you are braving lines in an attempt to get something for Black Friday, I salute you. I hope that this advertisement has given you some entertainment, even if it is only a little.


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