March 9, 2010

New Androids, mediocre reviews

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Written by: Brian Duggan
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So it seems that two of the newest Motorola incarnations for the Android OS, released in the last couple days, are not wooing critics. And with descriptors such as “frumpy” and “odd” the prospects of Motorola landing the next great low-end smartphone doesn’t seem likely.

Here’s Wired’s take on the new Motorola Backflip, selling for $100 at AT&T with a two-year contract: “It’s about time Motorola did something crazy. The Cliq was predictably sleek. The Droid was pragmatically chunky. But AT&T’s new Backflip is just … odd.” The phone runs on Android 1.5 OS.

The Wall Street Journal’s reviewer said while the phone had many attractive/intriguing features (such as controlling the screen from a touch pad situated behind it) the Backflip still left much to be desired (Twitter app does not include the ability to retweet — wtf? — and the keyboard is like most other Motorola Android keyboards: uncomfortable).

“Motorola deserves credit for trying an innovative design and for offering a unique way of moving fingers off of the touch screen,” Katherine Boehret writes for the WSJ. “But the Backflip device seems unfinished because of several features that don’t work as well as they should.”

The Blur-powered Motorola Devour on Verizon also isn’t taking best of show anytime soon with its slide-out key board and social-networking-heavy home screen. According to Engadget: “The slide-out keyboard is another in a long line of missed opportunities from Motorola. For a company so bent on putting keyboards into its Android phones, you’d think it would be a bit more serious about being good at it.”

The Associated Press reviewer didn’t have much more niceties to add: “It has a name that suggests it will eat the competition for breakfast, but despite a sprinkling of positives Motorola’snew Devour smart phone left me hungry for something more.”

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