August 18, 2011

Obtaining a screenshot from an Android Device

Figure 9-4

It seems like in my line of business, I am always looking to make a screenshot. I generally use the Alt + PrtSc to get a screenshot on my computer, but what if I want to do the same from an Android device?

Fortunately, that is pretty easy. The first thing that you have to do is make certain that your computer recognizes your device. Connecting the USB cable to the device and moving files in and out of your phone doesn’t guarantee that the computer recognizes the Android device. To your computer, it might just see it as a portable storage device.

You need to download your drivers for your Android phone. You can do a Google Search to find them. Just use “(your device here) drivers”, and install them. Generally, there is a sign on the computer that it recognizes your Android device. For me, I know my Computer recognizes my Droid X as it opens up a Verizon media on my browser.

You will then need a program called Android SDK. This is available for downloading here. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is very helpful for those who create Android applications. By the way, you will also need Java JDK to run SDK. You can download that here, so do that first.

It will be a big thing to get these programs downloaded, but soon you will be able to open the android-sdk file on My Computer. Go ahead and then open up the folder marked “tools”. Click on the MS-DOS Batch File known as ddms.bat.

This will open up the Dalvik Debug Monitor, and you will see in the upper left hand corner your Android phone is recognized. It will show the version of it, as you can see in the image

At this point, you will probably need to turn on and unlock your Android device, as most will shut off at this point.

At the top menu, go ahead and select Device, and then select “Screen Capture”.

This will open up a screen shot of exactly what is on your Android device at that time. You will note that only some is showing of the Home screen.

Hit “Save”, and this will designate a place to save the image file.

Now you have an image stripped straight from your Android device. So if you have something on your device that you want to brag about, you can carry it with you as a image file. It is good for all kinds of uses.

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