December 25, 2011

Office Jerk lets you vicariously prank the office know-it-all

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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It is pretty clear to me that the game of Office Jerk is essentially an homage to the television show The Office. You will notice that the guy on the icon looks a lot like Dwight K. Schrute, and the whole goal of the game is to be Jim Halpert and annoy him.

Office Jerk has the same type of gameplay as Paper Toss, a game where you flick a ball of paper into a trash can. Sure, that would be easy, but a fan is creating wind that will knock the projectile off its course.

In the case of Office Jerk, the fan is there, but the projectile does not have to be a ball of paper. The free version allows you to pick from a cupcake, pencil, gum, pie, dart (suction cup, of course), stapler, and even a Blackberry.

Yes, this office know-it-all apparently deserves to be tortured, as you hit him with some really hard objects. The score is about never missing a smack, and getting 400 will earn you a stick of TNT.

I suppose that Office Jerk is meant to be some innocuous fun, but one has to question whether this game encourages bullying. After all, the Office Jerk never retaliates, which is usually why bullies pick on people.

Yeah, I might be over thinking this, but if you want to get in on this, the free version is available here, and the full version with no ads and better things to throw, is available here.

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