March 3, 2010

OMFG: Doodle Jump on Android Market

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Written by: Brian Duggan
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OK, so Lima Sky finally announced yesterday via Twitter that the most addictive game on the iPhone app market EVER, Doodle Jump, is now on the Android Market, but with one problem: it’s $3.99 — up from $.99 for the iPod/iPhone. Either way this game uses the accelerometer to guide a tiny alien skyward through a maze of platforms and enemies:

I’m tempted to buy it, but there is at least one decent alternative out there — and it’s free. Abduction by PsymMobile, features a cow, instead of a long-nosed alien, hoping skyward from platform to platform. The point of the game is to make it to the mother ship, which has abducted your fellow cow comrades. Pick up perks — extra lives, for example — or hurdles — crumbling platforms — along the way. Full version, Abduction World Attacks, features other animals (kangaroo in Australia) and costs about $2 (or 1.35 British pounds). Grade: B+

And then there’s Droid Jump, developed by ElectricSheep. Same concept, lousy execution. Although the devleoper said a new version is on the way. Meh. Grade: D

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  1. progr

    OMFG: $3.99

  2. Zahren

    There is PapiJump also, by sunflat. it’s actually a free game and is almost the same as doodlejump, but without the helicopters/trampolines

  3. Monkey804

    Try Papi Jump. It’s been out since the G1 came out. Not the greatest, but it doesn’t cost 4 dollars.

  4. Well, that price tag isn’t ideal, but at least it’s not 13.99. $3.99 won’t kill you, but why would they raise the price for the Android and think that people wouldn’t care?

  5. Hey where did you get that awesome Doodle jump review 😉 Great article, I would be totally pumped if I owned an Android!


  6. Jeshen

    I hope skyward, too.

  7. Games like these are precisely why, as much as I hate to say it, flash (or a similar, better product) needs to be supported on smartphones.

  8. Great games for touch mobiles i loved them simply rocking.

  9. I agree that $4 is ridiculous, especially since it’s already made a ton of cash on the appstore. I think they at least should have matched or even brought the price down to .99. They already are super famous for the iDevice version, why not show Android some love!

  10. Daniel

    Well I can’t even get it because the lousy Android Market only allows people to download free apps here in Ireland! :( When I had an iPhone I used it and it was great fun! 😀

  11. JonaThan

    J’aimerais savoir sur android market sous quel nom peut t’on trouvertrouver doodle jump car doodle jump ne trouve rien en la tapant sur recherche .

    merci pour vos reponses

  12. This game is worth the price for sure. Development takes time, especially when it comes to a quality app. Read our review about this game here:


  13. naosis

    hey guys, this may seem like a stupid question but is there a way to get it for free. cause i live in holland and don’t have a credit card and there is no way to pay it without a credit card. pls pm me if you know the answer.

  14. case

    Why are you all so late?
    Had this android game for free about a week ago, from before the malware scare.
    Right now Im not taking any apps until proven 200 percent safe. Google made another misstep I think and should think carefully about allowing developers roam free in their markets.

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