May 11, 2010

OS Update for Droid Eris Imminent? (Updated)

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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UPDATE, May 24, 2010 — On its Twitter page, Verizon is now saying that users who previously installed leaked versions of the Android OS 2.1 update will NOT receive Verizon’s official, over-the-air version. Verizon representative NK says, “We stated you should get the update, we did not [guarantee] you would receive it.”

UPDATE, May 12th, 2010 — Eris users are flooding Verizon Support’s Twitter page with questions about the Android OS 2.1 update, and some important information has been revealed: the update requires 77.7 MB of free internal memory; it’ll be sent to all users, in over-the-air form, within 13 days; and customers with “past due” Verizon balances will still receive the update, as will users who have previously installed “leaked” versions of the update.


More great news for Android fans.

It looks like an operating system update from Android OS 2.0 to Android OS 2.1 is imminent for Verizon Wireless’ HTC Droid Eris customers.

That’s according to information obtained by MobileCrunch. If you own Eris’ nearly-identical cousin, Sprint’s HTC Hero, Android Central reports that May 21st is the soonest you can expect your 2.1 update. As I noted in a previous Android Edge article, hardware limitations mean that even with the update to Android OS 2.1, Eris/Hero won’t be able to run some apps — like Google Earth.

Despite these unfortunate limitations, the 2.1 update should be a good one overall for Eris/Hero users.

*Editor’s note: It looks like the update is the real deal, according to Verizon Wireless’ customer service Twitter feed:

“@gmase001 As of today you should be able to update the Droid Eris. *AN”

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