Hands-on with the Amazon Kindle Fire

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me, as my Amazon Kindle Fire came. The image to the left is what it looks like when I opened the oddly-shaped box. Just to let you know, it didn’t come with much. It was the unit itself,...
by Techno_Mark


I’m Watch does Android, up for pre-order

I have seen a lot of watchbands designed for the iPod nano, and that device must have been made to be placed on the user’s wrist. Now there is the Android-powered I’m Watch, which is made for Android users. Granted,...
by Techno_Mark


Flipboard coming to Android, Evernote Hello is already here

A few weeks ago, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced, one of its features would be Flipboard. Flipboard is quite a cool iOS application, so seeing it on an Android phone is very cool. It would be like seeing Facebook’...
by Techno_Mark



iHome introduces 3 new docks for Android Smartphones

I always like seeing what iHome has to offer, and I am usually trying out the latest in iPod/iPhone docking technology. For some reason, Android phones have never got the proper docking love, until now. All I have to say to iHo...
by Techno_Mark

Droid World

Free to attend developer event Droid World heads to tech capital, San Francisco this February

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Google Maps adds biking layer, next stop Android phones? (Updated)

UPDATE, May 12th, 2010: Google has released an updated version of Google Maps for Android. Among other new features, this update includes a “Bicycling” layer for US users. After downloading the update — which ...
by Brian Johnson