Better Web browsing for the Android device

For those who use the Android device for web browsing, I have some good news. The first is that Firefox has been optimized for Android tablets. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite perfect. There will be bugs, and there will be ...
by Techno_Mark


At last, Instagram has come to Android!

Many iOS users have got a real kick out of Instagram, an application that is part photo-sharing, part social networking, and all around fun. The ease of use has made Instagram one of the most popular applications on the iPhone ...
by Techno_Mark


Paper Toss vs Toss It, a toss up

The paperless office is still a no-show, but paperless trashcan basketball is one tree-saving idea for bored students and office workers whose day has finally arrived… Two popular iPhone games, Paper Toss and Toss It, wer...
by Brian Johnson



Waste time with Air Attack (addiction alert)

Martin Eriksen’s Air Attack is a warfare game that offers hours of fun, without the need for tedious Risk-like strategy. In Air Attack, your soldier must defend both himself and his territory from an ever-increasing onsla...
by Brian Johnson

Droid World

Free to attend developer event Droid World heads to tech capital, San Francisco this February

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Gingerbread will Not Shed away Other UI Enhancements

HTC and its users have been constantly worried because of the fact that Gingerbread is coming with a superb user interface which will probably make other user interface enhancements developed by handset manufacturers useless. T...
by chinmoy