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Pirates of the Caribbean comes to Android with Master of the Seas

I have to admit that I am a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan, or at least a big fan of the first movie. After the second one, the Pirates films sort of just became a big money maker for Disney, and they will probably keep the f...
by Techno_Mark


IMDB Releases Official Android App

IMDB is the de-facto database of worldwide movies online. Its ratings can turn the tables for any movie and the IMDB hall of fame is the dream of every movie that has ever made a released. IMDB has officially released an Androi...
by chinmoy


Top 5 Torrent applications for Android

I have been hearing the word “BitTorrent” thrown around a while. You ever one of those buzzwords that you probably should know the meaning of, but are afraid to ask? Fortunately, I found this video here that explain...
by Techno_Mark



Better Web browsing for the Android device

For those who use the Android device for web browsing, I have some good news. The first is that Firefox has been optimized for Android tablets. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite perfect. There will be bugs, and there will be ...
by Techno_Mark

Droid World

Free to attend developer event Droid World heads to tech capital, San Francisco this February

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Photoshop for Android is worth it

Since its official release in 1990 — ironically, as a Macintosh-only product — the Adobe Photoshop brand has arguably become the gold standard in graphics editing software. Photoshop.com Mobile, a bare-bones version...
by Brian Johnson