Spotify for Android gets an Overhaul

Some of you might be familiar and use the music streaming service known as Spotify. Yes, you can check out the music from major and independent record lebels, which include Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. A lot of...
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HTC’s Rezound comes to Verizon

We have been seeing a lot of great Android phones lately like the Galaxy S II Skyrocket from AT&T, the Samsung Transform Ultra from Sprint, the new Motorola RAZR, and the Samsung Stratosphere from Verizon. HTC’s Rezou...
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Smozzy can change the Android field

If you go to the Android Market, you can find a new application in beta called Smozzy. Smozzy is an Android application that allows the user to package communications between Android browser and the Web as messages transmitted ...
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Verizon LG Enlighten coming on September 29th

I have often wondered if one can call Android operated phones entry-level, but my source calls Verizon’s Enlighten from LG this. I think it is odd that the LG Enlighten is not a full on touchscreen that I have seen other ...
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Droid World

Free to attend developer event Droid World heads to tech capital, San Francisco this February

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Encrypted Phone Calls and Text Messages, Now Possible on Android

Wiretapping is one of the oldest forms of hacking. With the emergence of cellphones, it took a wireless form and has been used extensively by the FBI, NSA and by criminals alike. This puts all our calls and messages at great ri...
by chinmoy