HTC tells Apple to stuff it

In the latest development of the Apple/HTC patent brouhaha, HTC finally decided to pipe up this week when it sent out a press release that basically stated they disagree with Apple’s lawsuit over alleged patent infringeme...
by Brian Duggan


Hotmail comes to Android

Let me ask you something: do you use hotmail? I really don’t either. However, you should know that there is an official application from Microsoft’s hotmail that has recently come to Android. I use yahoo myself, but...
by Techno_Mark


Android, the ‘apple’ of Adobe’s Eye?

Remember that old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Well, Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have forgotten those words of wisdom as he was publishing an anti-Flash rant last week. Many iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users;...
by Brian Johnson


Figure 9-4

Obtaining a screenshot from an Android Device

It seems like in my line of business, I am always looking to make a screenshot. I generally use the Alt + PrtSc to get a screenshot on my computer, but what if I want to do the same from an Android device? Fortunately, that is ...
by Techno_Mark

Droid World

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How to upload an icon and background on an Android Application

Last week, I discussed how to open the default packages of a new Eclipse project. Today, I am going to discuss one of the first things an Android developer needs to do, and that is get the icon and background working. If you cl...
by Techno_Mark