April 23, 2010

Paper Toss vs Toss It, a toss up

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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The paperless office is still a no-show, but paperless trashcan basketball is one tree-saving idea for bored students and office workers whose day has finally arrived… Two popular iPhone games, Paper Toss and Toss It, were recently ported to Android. In the short time that they’ve been available in the Android Market, each of these apps has been downloaded more than 250,000 times.

Paper Toss is only available in an ad-supported version, and features six levels. The first three levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard, each take place in a typical office setting. The other levels are Airport (easy) Basement (medium) and Restroom (hard).

There are many similarities between Paper Toss and Toss It, but also some differences. Toss It is available in both an ad-supported form and a Pro version (UK£1.99, no ads). The ad-supported version contains four unlocked levels and two previews. The previews are unlocked in Toss It Pro. In one of the Pro levels, an iPhone takes the place of paper — perfect for purging some anti-Apple angst! In both games, a fan creates a breeze that forces you to adjust your trajectory, and difficulty is controlled by how far away you are from the trash can.

So, which game is better? When comparing the free versions, Paper Toss wins by a tiny margin because of Toss It’s distracting ads and rather haphazard menus. However, if you refuse to install ad-supported apps, Toss It Pro is definitely worth your consideration. Whichever game you choose, you’re in for good, simple entertainment. Earth Day Note: I was personally disappointed to discover that recycle bins are conspicuously absent from both Paper Toss and Toss It. Come on developers — go green!

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