December 28, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean comes to Android with Master of the Seas

pirates arr

I have to admit that I am a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan, or at least a big fan of the first movie. After the second one, the Pirates films sort of just became a big money maker for Disney, and they will probably keep the franchise alive as long as Johnny Depp still says “yes” to playing Jack Sparrow.

The Master of the Seas combines both MMO and social networking into a game that looks like World of Warcraft on the high seas. In the game, you essentially become a pirate and create a ship, and then go on quests that are essentially based on stuff in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe, which is expanding more with every movie.

I would imagine that the quests are the usual MMO fare of defeating a certain amount of enemies, going to a certain far off place to do something else. The social component allows for inviting friends to join your crew.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pirate game unless you could acquire treasure, and that can be gained by battling other pirates, not to mention the stuff that will build up your ship. Unlike most pirates, you can save up your treasure to buy property.

If you want to get this bit of pirate swag, head to the Android Market website and get it here.

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