April 12, 2010

Report: Google tablet on the way

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Written by: Brian Duggan

For all you iPad fanboys or haters out there, The New York Times is reporting a Google tablet that uses Android is imminent.

Via Wired:

Google is almost ready to start selling its own tablet. The device, according to the New York Times, will be “an e-reader that would function like a computer.” So close is it that Eric Schmidt, CEO at Google, was describing it to friends at “a recent party in Los Angeles.”

A Google tablet wouldn’t be the only other tablet released this year besides the Job’s god machine. Among the companies planning 2010 releases include: Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Nokia. There’s also the German-made WePad, by Neofonie, which will also run on Android and Linux. It apparently will feature Flash, Adobe Air and Java script (plus a Web cam), unlike the iPad.

And all this development can only mean one thing: Consumers will benefit.

Via the NYT:

For consumers, it could all be good, as more companies offer their version of the slate, a new breed of consumer electronics, in a design free-for-all. The products, which will generally cost less than $600, provide different, and in some cases unusual, features that reflect the companies’ visions of what matters most to people.

“We’re living in extremely exciting times right now,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the chief executive of Nokia. “It’s quite challenging to define what industry we are in because everything is changing.”

The punch line:

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Brian Duggan
A business reporter in Carson City, Nev., which is near Reno. Verizon user and droid freak.


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  1. Hi Brian,
    Interesting that you mention ,”Job’s god machine.” I recall reading on studies linking successful brands to the same region as religion inside the brain. There will always be knock-offs, but Jobs did it first. You can’t take that away from him. This is why Apple’s stock is set to double again- and plainly, I love riding the wave. I’ve invested wisely in a visionary- the world is in short supply…. I’m glad Steve is happy, healthy and successful. He deserves it. What a cancer scare he had too- the guy is a survivor, in business and in life. It just doesn’t get better than Apple. If you haven’t experienced their phenomenal line of products, please do. It makes work and communication effortless and pleasurable. -Cary Herrman

  2. Ben

    “There will always be knock-offs, but Jobs did it first. You can’t take that away from him. ”

    Jobs didn’t create it first, he popularized it first.

  3. Mike

    ^ What a brown noser!

  4. android sucks

    android sucks anyways… the thing doesn’t run as smoothly on a 1ghz processor as an iphone OS on a 600 mghz processor. pure bloatware and hackware. it’s your equivalent of windows 2.0 back in the days. android is overrated in my view

  5. bk

    Jobs did it first? Really, you’re stating that Jobs created the first tablet? When has Apple ever done anything first? Your sound investment comes down to an enormous marketing budget to sell people illusions. I guess that works out for your stock, but in the end you’re still investing in morons buying into bullshit.

  6. Is this for real ?
    I am not an Apple fanboy, infact I despise anything Apple, from the Ipod which forces you to install so much rubbish into your PC (yes including Bonjour.exe) just to get it to sync, and I am against there policy of “lets make this not compatible with free devs!”
    So only time will tell if Google has made this with the thoughts of the app developers and consumer, or just a big Google brand money spinner..
    Thnaks for the post 😀

  7. jamesyb0i

    ROFL @ the 4 iPhones duck tapped together! Priceless expression on Dooshe’s face too

  8. Fail

    Apple has barely ever done anything first, however, they have been able to produce devices at the right time.

    Both Microsoft, Nokia and other have made devices before that fit the exact niche market that iPad now does, just happens that the market now is ready for them.

  9. Amazing Google, they inventions, will changes the world of personal compute, it getting personal, but unfortunately it is fragile produk

  10. Mia

    Google could have recycled Android to use on the tablet, but they are going for an OS suitable for a tablet. On the other hand….

  11. As much as I like the idea of the iPad and the other competing slate devices … I hate the fact that every single company out there waited until the iPad came out to see if it has an impact on the market, then release their ‘better’ version after.

    It just screams so much “me too” essence, but tech geeks would only argue that Jobs is arrogant and the iPad is doomed to fail. It’s almost the same as the Playstation 3 Move controller and how it’s so much like the WiiMote in terms of usage.

    The same majority of geeks lash at Sony for doing this same “me too” strategy. These very same geeks also lashed at the iPad for having a large bezel around the screen, yet is completely fine with HP’s Slate device having this very same large bezel. There’s just this large sense of hypocrisy in this generation of 2ch-like Internet denizens.

    If these competing companies really thought Apple iPad was a bad tablet design choice, they should’ve released their hardware [or news of it] sooner – not wait until after the iPad is released.

  12. ^ and I’m not talking about the normal tablet PCs. I’m talking about slates.

  13. ndfr

    @cary herrman

    omg – what a fanboy you are.

    First of all, “Jobs did it first?” Did he fuck! Please go educate yourself:


    And yes – i just “took that away from him.” He isnt a visionary – he just improves upon other people devices, copyrights them, monopolises them and then invests in some pretty hard advertising. That isnt being a visionary – its being a (fairly crude) businessman.

    I bet you think the iphone was the first touchscreen smartphone too dont you? It wasnt stolen from the likes of the LG touch or the HTC touch at all. Really it wasnt!!! Steve Jobs thought it up all by himself. Honest.

    Apples stock probably will double again because numpties like you enjoy “riding the wave” of inferior technology.

    Why do you insist on paying over the odds on hardware that doesnt deliver? It doesnt have Flash, Adobe Air and Java script (plus [or] a Web cam) acccording to the article. I also know it doesnt have USB and half of them cant even connect properly to WiFi!!!

    Dont get me wrong, if youre happy payng extortionate prices for hardware with less features, stricter policing of its software, only has the capability to run one program at a time, the lack of ability to sync with any kind of cloud, lack of OTA updates, requirement to sync via the use of the fat bloated monstrosity of a program that is itunes, restricted use of the bandwidth that you pay for etc etc etc then dont let me stop you!

    Me? Id rather smoke my money, like actually roll it up and smoke it, than pay for an ipad. Why? because then id actually be able to interact with a cloud.

    unlike the ipad.

  14. My better half bought an iPad, and its a slick little machine, but I’m very interested to see how companies like HP and Google expand upon the concept.

    To me, personally, its useless without a camera and multitasking. I wouldn’t throw $500 at something unless I had good use for it. But then again, I’m one of those weirdos who still reads books printed on paper 😉

  15. Brandon

    Steve Jobs admits to not doing things first….but he is absolutely correct when he says that he hasnt done it first but will do it the best. THATS all that matters

  16. Anthony

    This has nothing to do with who created what first. This all comes down to the brand name. If you see two of the same products, ex a no name TV and a Sony TV for the same price… Which one would you buy? Obviously you would purchase the Sony TV. Well, it’s the same thing for Apple. They have an amazing reputation, and all of their products are exactly what you expect, and their customer service is one of the best. Any time I had a problem, they hooked me up with a new device with no questions asked.

    This is the same as the iPad. Apple has such a well known brand name, and if people see a tablet made by Apple or Google, most people will purchase the one from Apple. It’s just the way it is.

    Apple’s ‘fan base’ increases dramatically every month, and for a company like android to catch up to them, they would need to introduce a phone that could teleport people around. Android will never catch apple, and they will never even get close to them. Apple is also in Canada (Where I’m from) and android doesn’t even exist here. If I didn’t actually do research and watch videos about them on YouTube I would not even know what an android phone is.


  17. Cary Herrman says:
    “There will always be knock-offs, but Jobs did it first. You can’t take that away from him. ”

    Tell that to Samsung, who made the Q1 Ultra tablet that I’ve had for a year and a half (and have modded/upgraded quite a bit since getting it too)…

  18. paul

    Why are people copying that shit like crazy? wtf, it’s a horribly ill conceived product and people overlook all that is stupid about it because it is apple. Get over it, for crying out loud.

  19. Jason Villicano

    oh you crazy apple fan boys. i wont lie, apple’s products are pretty sleak. and by the way android is in canada anthony. u really should do your reaserch. android will win out once people figure out how apple restricts there users and totally sets them up so that when a new better iphone os or ipad comes out all the people that got um first are left behind without a care. while android users enjoy ota’s and products made with the users freedom in mind. i personally dont have any apple products. why? cus there single minded funtionality just doesnt work for me. i would pick any product over apple any day if it better serves me. fan boys need a reality check. u dont like what i said. jvillicano@gmail.com bring it.

  20. Anthony

    Android does not exist in Canada. It does, but it doesn’t. If you did a survey and asked 20 canadians if they knew what android is, I’ll bet you 19 out of the 20 say no. Rogers is the biggest phone company in Canada and there most popular/best selling phone is the iPhone. I heard the Nexus one is coming to Rogers Canada so that should be interesting. I also refuse to get into a debate with you as long as you type like a three year old. If you can’t type properly or use correct grammar, I’m not going to deal with it. It’s annoying to read “hi how r u 2day. I’m gud thx” Like speak properly or don’t speak at all. (More of a general rant, and not just towards you)

    Anyways if you have not owned an Apple product, you are truly missing out. I’m not an “apple fanboy” but their products are pretty amazing. Except for the iPad. I’m pretty against it, it’s just basically an oversized iPod Touch in my opinion. Later models of the iPad may be worth buying.

    Android will never sell as many phones as Apple will. Apple is always one step ahead of the game. Just when you think apple is ‘losing it’s ground’ to other companies, they just unleash a beast of a product.

    Also I really don’t care what you say about the Android phone. Just look at the statistics and whatever you say is proven to be false. Apple is continuing to gain ground in the mobile industry and Android doesn’t stand a chance. Neither does the blackberry.

  21. nige

    anthony you tool….

    do you know how many android phones there are? there must be AT LEAST 20 plus by now.

    Have you actually read about the market share that android has?

    Clearly not if youre stating “Apple is continuing to gain ground in the mobile industry and Android doesn’t stand a chance”

    You do realise Android based phones represent the fastest growing market share of smart phones….dont you?

    You also must realise that more and more developers are switching to writing for the android market.

    Im sure youve done a lot of researcch into this though.

    It sounds like you have.


  22. Placing all of the pieces together properly is doing it first- bringing it to market the right way and making a promise to consumers that is kept.

    Apple is first and best, all the time- every time.

    Go get take on the world, Steve.

    Google… stick with what you know. Hardware isn’t one of your strong suits- when will companies learn?


    Have a great day everyone. (Typed from my MackBook Pro)

  23. krehator

    I’m not an Apple fanboy but I must admit that currently, Apple has the Android beat. Android runs slow, clunky, and the quality of apps is pretty poor. Most of the apps are high school programmer quality. I can’t see why anyone would expect people to buy them.

    I’m not paying the huge price that Apple wants for the I-pad, which truly is just a a big I-touch. It is weak in comparison to a cheap laptop. I hope Google can get its act together. Android just isn’t what I hoped.

  24. scarptp

    Just bought a chinese google tablet running android. after a couple of days going around it- I get a “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly” with a Force Close message that will not allow me to get past to the home screen or menu. The only thing I added was a app for my kid-which worked. Then I was removing some app in chinese that I wouldn’t be able to use-looked like game in chinese. Now I have a 7″ paperweight. Seems to me, if android is so unstable that you cannot get back into it(ie: Windows safe start, or even Dos boot) it is not worth any free development app to open and save the world from Windows and Apple. If you google this problem you see a lot of people with this, with little help. It’s esier with a phone- you can exchange it back with your provider for a new one. They really have to get their act together , or they will go the way of the Edsel.

  25. CHIVA2K

    Dude why didn’t you wait until the android tablet released in the U.S. you bought something for a different market and now your complaining that your tablet does not work well now you have to learn Chinese to fix it good luck with that

  26. LiveWire

    You guys will always moan and grown which is better. Now its my turn. I wont go with apple or any apple product again till they change there restrictions on software and trying to force me to use i tunes to update or load stuff on my i phone. Mistake on my part buying a iphone. Apple is like a communist country to controlling. If I want to load something and it crashes so be it. My fault not apples,but at least let me make that decision. Hello FLASH, come on apple. Battery life and crashes my ass. I have to wait for HTML 5 no thanks. I want stuff now. So after I return from CES I will round file my iphone and light it on fire. Then I’m off for a Droid and also pick up a Acer Droid or Win7 slate. Unless something a CES catches my eye. Nothing like freedom of choice and bye bye apple. So ride your apple stock to make your money, I know I have, but I know its just a fad just like a pair of bell bottom jeans. oh wait you can’t wear them cause apple say so. I could go on and on .

    This was written on a PC that eats mac’s. My PC says It does not have to say I was Typed from a Macbook Pro or a I Phone

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