July 19, 2012

Rovio follows up Angry Birds with Amazing Alex

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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I’m sure that you have heard of Angry Birds, and it is Rovio’s cash-cow. When it comes to more games, it has appeared that Rovio’s answer is more Angry Birds. If you are sick of Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, or Angry Birds Space, may I suggest Amazing Alex?

Amazing Alex is a physics game like Angry Birds, but there is no slingshot involved. Instead, there is just a lazy kid who is probably will never learn about the war between pigs and birds. The title character, who you apparently play, is a kid who doesn’t want to do what his parents tell him and want to find short cuts to cleaning his room and other chores. Of course, Alex doesn’t want to do it, but instead tries to build a machine for it.

His “machines” are nothing more than Rube Goldberg devices that start a chain reaction for ever-so-simple things like putting a ball in a basket. Sure, Alex could just get up off his lazy tuckus and put the ball in the basket himself, but he would rather use his shelves, books, boxes, scissors, and balloons to do the job.

I have finished playing Amazing Alex Free on my Android smartphone, which only has 16 levels. The first episodes are lame as the game will show you with dotted outlines where to put the shelves, books, and other components needed for your incredible machine. By lame, I am not saying that overall the game is insipid, but these first levels are merely there to introduce the player to the gameplay, which is somewhat unusual.

I got addicted at the right time, when I had to pay for the complete game. By that time, it was a little challenging to figure out where to put the shelves and other materials necessary to complete the goal of the level, which varied each time.

Yeah, the gameplay is nothing like Angry Birds, except for one similarity. You know how you have been struggling to kill all the pigs and get three stars per level? In Amazing Alex, you have the potential of getting three stars max in each level as well. I guarantee that you will want them, too.

If you want to get Amazing Alex, a free version, with a bunch of ads, is available for Android devices here. If you want more from your smartphone, it will run you about $0.99, which you can get here. If you want Amazing Alex for Android tablets, such as the Kindle Fire, it will cost about $2.99 here.

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  1. Hello, i think rovio made a mistake , they start a game without ads ingame, and we have to buy to play more levels, they can get more players if they continue with ingame ads and give for free the game

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