May 4, 2012

Samsung announces the Galaxy S III


There are times where reporting is easy, especially when the Web is ablaze with several posts on the same story. In this case, it is the Galaxy S III smartphone, an Android phone that could easily give the iPhone a run for its money.

I am going to quote a posting that calls the Galaxy S III “the Lamborghini of Android”. That is a pretty big boast, but it does have some power under the hood with a 1.4 quad-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. The internal storage is at 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage with expandable via microSD slot. It runs the very cool Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android inside. The screen is pretty big at 4.8 inches, and it is also quite thin at 8.6 mm thick.

I can see why Samsung had a huge unveiling of this smartphone in London. So, what is new? Quite a few things, actually. Let’s talk about the cameras. The back is an impressive 8 Megapixel, while the front is a 1.9 megapixel job. The Galaxy S III is able to take 20 photos in a burst mode at a rate of 3.3 shots per second, with zero lag.

The camera has a feature known as Smart Stay, which can recognize how the phone is being used through this front-facing camera. This feature can also recognize your eye movement so you can multitask like watch videos and write messages.

Then there is a cool features known as S Voice, which is pretty much a way of telling Siri that they don’t have the monopoly on voice commands. You can use spoken commands to search the web, say “snooze” to hush the alarm, and much more.

Then there is the interesting feature known as S Beam which allows the user to share photos and videos by simply tapping two Galaxy S III phones together. Can there be anyway we can make an app for that so all smartphones can do this?

Oh yes, there is also Smart alert, a way of telling you whether you have missed calls or messages. Then there is the interesting feature of “Group Cast”, a way of sharing one’s phone screen with other users in the same network which allows them to annotate and add comments.

The Galaxy S III is going to launch in 145 countries with 296 mobile operators, which is the largest mobile launch ever. It will be out at the end of May, with 4G versions coming to the United States during the summer. I don’t have a price, but it will be available in “Pebble Blue” or “Marble White”.

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