October 18, 2011

Sentinel 3: Homeworld


If you are into the “tower defense” style of video games, then you might want to check out Sentinel 3: Homeworld. I’m not certain what type of backstory this game has, but some alien war is going on, and you must go to the aliens’ homeworld in order to stop them.

Of course, this is a tower defense series, which means that you set up your weapons in certain places to kill a madcap assortment of alien baddies. There are about 20 levels to this game, and each new level increases the amount of weapons and power that you have.

Of course, these types of games wouldn’t sell unless they were hard, and I would imagine that defending starbases from aliens will get quite grueling. However, the graphics look very keen, and you can boast about your accomplishments with OpenFeint. By the way, you can even look at the layouts from past players so you can see their strategies for conquest.

Interested? Feel free to go here on the Android Market and download it now.

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