April 19, 2012

Spotify for Android gets an Overhaul

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Some of you might be familiar and use the music streaming service known as Spotify. Yes, you can check out the music from major and independent record lebels, which include Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal.

A lot of people are Spotify fans, but they might be disappointed of its offering on Android, especially compared to what it is on Windows Mobile phone.

I went and downloaded it myself, and found that all that is required is a Facebook account, and there it was, ready to go. Oh wait, there is a catch, as I have to update to Facebook Timeline.

You will have to check it out to see it for yourself, and it works well on an interface that has a slide-out navigation system. It is accessible from the top-left corner, and looks much cleaner than its predecessor. You’re going to see a lot of high-resolution artist images and album artwork put on the application all over.

The new application is all about music discovery, and friend’s profile pages and playlists will be readily available. You should be seeing a lot more about and you can get the whole version on Google Play right here now.

Here is some other things to know about it. It has full support of Android 4.0, a top-to-bottom redesign, and it has a related artist view.

The emphasis is got be on the social aspect as you can check out friends’ profile pages as well as playlists.

According to the the Spotify previews, they are working hard to add even more features like folders and Last FM scrobbling. This is before this application goes live on Google Play, assuming these updates aren’t already in place.

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