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Android, the ‘apple’ of Adobe’s Eye?

Remember that old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Well, Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have forgotten those words of wisdom as he was publishing an anti-Flash rant last week. Many iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users;...
by Brian Johnson


Photoshop for Android is worth it

Since its official release in 1990 — ironically, as a Macintosh-only product — the Adobe Photoshop brand has arguably become the gold standard in graphics editing software. Photoshop.com Mobile, a bare-bones version...
by Brian Johnson


Adobe launches Official PDF Reader Android App With Some Eyecandy and Features Missing

Google's Android release news totally stole the thunder of other product launches last week. An important one of these was the launch of an official Android PDF reader app from Adobe.
by chinmoy