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Symantec Releases the Official Norton App and it is Impressive

We had covered the news of official Android apps for Norton Antivirus cooking at Symantec. Now the same app has been released officially and by the first impression, I would say it has impressed me with its features. Viruses fo...
by chinmoy


New Androids, mediocre reviews

So it seems that two of the newest Motorola incarnations for the Android OS, released in the last couple days, are not wooing critics. And with descriptors such as “frumpy” and “odd” the prospects of Mot...
by Brian Duggan


Wifi KeyBoard: Control Your Android Phone from PC

Often times, I came across Android apps which emulated another environment. aDoxBox for android and the NES Emulator are such famous apps. It is fun using them to do a load of things. You can install older versions of Windows u...
by chinmoy



The Update to Android OS 2.1: An Overview

After as series of frustrating delays, Verizon Wireless in the United States recently began updating all the Motorola Droids on its network to Android OS 2.1. Apparently, all Droids on the Verizon network which haven’t ye...
by Brian Johnson


OS 2.1 coming to Droid soon?

So there appears to be a leaked version of the Android OS 2.1 out there for Droid users brave enough to install it on their phones (by doing so you could risk bricking your phone). But this could be a sign that phone carriers a...
by Brian Duggan