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The Update to Android OS 2.1: An Overview

After as series of frustrating delays, Verizon Wireless in the United States recently began updating all the Motorola Droids on its network to Android OS 2.1. Apparently, all Droids on the Verizon network which haven’t ye...
by Brian Johnson


Hello (droid) world

So I’ve been mulling buying a Droid Eris for months now, and on Monday, I finally decided to go through with it and bought one. A day later, there’s not even a tinge of buyers regret. Obviously I’m a Verizon c...
by Brian Duggan


Verizon Android OS 2.1 rollout for U.S. Droid users underway?

According to news outlets such as ZDNet and internetnews.com, Verizon is now releasing the much anticipated Android OS 2.1 update to Droid users on its network. This update adds many fantastic features, which your friends here ...
by Brian Johnson



Place Free Android to Android Calls Worldwide

Android apps are keeping pace with apps on iPhone. Apps on Android include most of the uber cool things we could do with the iPhone earlier. A new app, Rebtel takes this a step further by creating an app to place free calls ove...
by chinmoy


Symantec Releases the Official Norton App and it is Impressive

We had covered the news of official Android apps for Norton Antivirus cooking at Symantec. Now the same app has been released officially and by the first impression, I would say it has impressed me with its features. Viruses fo...
by chinmoy